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Society members continue to unearth evidence of past exploits which we've collected into these galleries. Click any photo to enlarge it or launch an album. This is a page to peruse at your leisure. Some of the galleries are large and may take up to 30 seconds to download; however, each one opens in a new window (or a new tab) so you can continue browsing while they're loading - or go make a cup of tea.

If you have more info about the events or people captured here or would like to add photos to the collection, contact the

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Warwick 1993
Tourist Trophy v Warwick 1993

Gerry Young delved into his archives to retrieve this team photo from the 1993 Warwick match. Click to enlarge and see how many youngsters you recognise.

Standing: Ivan Dally, Dave Bell, Gordon Ross, Gerry Young, Jeff Greenwood, Tony Croxon, Brian Rose. Seated: Brian Henderson, Neil Urquhart, Peter Walley, Mike Harris (Captain), Malcolm Large, John Mitchell, Terry Wall.

Warwick 1993
Warwick 1993
Your secrets aren't safe

Ivan Dally also delved into his archives and uncovered these close-ups of (some of) what went on at the hotel the night before the respectable crew above turned up for the Tourist Trophy Tournament at the Vale in 1993. Caught in various guises are:

Mike Harris, Terry Wall, Ivan Dally, Neil Urquart, Peter Walley, and Gerry Young

Warwick 1994
Tourist Trophy v Warwick 1994

After all the revelry the BGS victors left the clubhouse to discover a commotion in the visitors' car park. Despite the Warwick team having started their long drive home an hour earlier, one of them, Graham Seal, was supervising the loading of his car onto the back of an AA transporter. Liphook is laid out on 120 acres or more and covered in heather. As Graham had visited most of the course his keys are probably still out there - somewhere.

Our thanks to Ivan Dally who discovered this 1994 Warwick team photo among his many trophies. Click to enlarge and see if you recognise Front row: Brian Henderson, Mike Harris (Captain), Terry Wall, Malcom Large. Second Row: Les Rose, Ivan Dally, Bill Quain, Rod Brassington. Back row: John Smith, Roy Moore, John Mason, John Garner.

France 2005
Arras & St. Omer August 2005

Gerry Young found these photos of a great summertime in France. Can you spot Martin & Marise Smith, Robert Wheatley, Rick & Val Jones, Brian Woodham, Bryan Reid, Terry Wall, Mike Harris, Les Rose, and of course Gerry himself? Anyone else?

Deauville 2006
Spring in Deauville 2006

Memories of the Gala Dinner and Jean Jones picking up the BigHead Trophy

Deauville 2007
Spring in Deauville 2007

The beautiful Hotel du Golf Barriere and Clare Cull's outstanding win

Warwick 2007
Tourist Trophy v Warwick 2007

On a wonderful early autumn day at Broadway Warwick retained the Tourist Trophy by 11 1/2 to our 6 1/2 points.

Ken Crookes
Silver Jubilee Cup 2007

However, our team was victorious in the 3-way match, played at Stoneham. Congratulations to Captain Ken's team, who won by 3 points over Hursley, with Norh Harbour a distant third. (Click to enlarge image.)


2008 National Qualifier RWGC

IBM National Qualifier 2008

Terry Wall was busy snapping photos of the competitors at Royal Winchester Golf Club. Click the image to see the complete gallery starting with the welcome news that IBM is taking full advantage of the latest web technology, to the final photo of the day's winner, Mark Kenyon. A few of our own society members are hidden in between. How many people do you recognise? (To find out who won that year, see the Stories page.)

Deauville 2008

Spring in Deauville 2008

Rain, Sleet, hail, 5-hour rounds - we had it all. The album recollects Rita Wall's warm congratulations to all the winners, Val Jones's triumphant finale, and Dave Tulloch graciously accepting the Bighead Trophy. Click here for the full story.

Warwick 2008
Tourist Trophy v Warwick 2008

Our team made a valiant effort against Warwick in glorious sunshine at Frilford Heath on Friday 10th October. Despite winning the afternoon matches 7 to 5, our 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 loss in the morning fourballs allowed Warwick to keep the trophy with a final score of 8 1/2 to 9 1/2.

Staverton Park

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Spring in Staverton Park 2009

Everyone was so busy enjoying the weekend they only took two photos. In the first, Dot Buss considers the 18th. Later all enjoy the gala dinner.

Group shot: Back row (left to right): Ron Buss, Rick Jones, Dennis Ollington, Les Rose, Tom Heneghan, Ivan Dally, Martin Smith, Mike Davis, Dave Tulloch, Myles Coleman, Peter Breakell Front row: Sue Tulloch, Sandra Chamberlain, Rosemary Heneghan, Dot Buss, Marise Smith, Carol Ollington, Libby Coleman, Val Jones.

Dave and Sue Tulloch may wonder how they got in this picture since they were "out practicing" when the photo was taken (at 11.00 p.m...).

Captain's Day "Who is it?" Competition 2010

who is it?answersCaptain's Day on 22nd July was interrupted by bolts of lightning and torrential rain. With play abandoned, the festivities continued with the usual charity auction, raffle, and prizes, and an unusual "Who is it?" competition pitting members' observational skills against each other. Have a go, then look at the answers (some of which give a better hint).

<< Click here and guess                 Click here for answers >>

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Captain's Day
Captain's Day 2012

Whether it was Europe's thrilling win at the Ryder Cup the preceding weekend or having both hips replaced in the preceding months, Captain Mike Houghton spent his Captain's Day pottering around Puttenham in a buggy instead of teeing it up with the team. With no camera crew on hand, he had only his trusty Nikon to record the event. Thanks for the memories, Mike.

West Byfleet
West Byfleet 2013

Considering the club were expecting us the day before, 27 golfers ended up enjoying a great afternoon's golf after consuming Dave McCormick's favourite meal of ham, egg & chips BEFORE going out. No dinner after, but plenty of awards, especially for Paul Staples, who won the day. Our thanks to Paul Stewart for these photos.

West Byfleet
IBM National 2014

Paul Stewart came second in the IBM National in both scratch and handicap divisions, narrowly missing a birdie putt on the 36th hole to tie for the title of Champion 2014. The Society's best performance for several years, and a great effort - well done, Paul.

Gordon Whickman, who won "most improved" prize. Paul Holmes, and organisers Rob Stagg and Terry Wall were among the finalists

captain's day
Contact Anil Shah for copies of any photo.
Captain's Day 2014

30 golfers turned up on a scorching 24th July to meet their Waterloo: Sherfield Oaks' Waterloo Course, with water on 16 of its 18 holes (but no loos). John White beat the course with 39 points on countback from Tony Ransley.

Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Captain Paul Staples' official charity benefitted from a raffle of old IBM Golf towels, old (but new) balls, not very old wine, and a successful 4-ball auction boosted by Val Jones, who bid against everyone else, including husband Rick.

Spring in Deauville 2015

After suffering rain, hail, and other trials in 2008 we waited seven years - and one month - to return to Deauville in May 2015. Rain and hail greeted us again.

It didn't stop us having a good time, though. Publishable pictures are provided by Ivan Dally, Gerry & Alison Young, Rita & Terry Wall, and Roger Harrington. But some secrets must be kept.



Present Friends 2016

Members and former members of IBMBGS joined family and friends in January 2016 to celebrate the life of Vyv Lewis, a longtime stalwart of the Society. Among them were: Iain Hardie, Pat Hardie, Tom Heneghan, Ted Barrett, John Webber (with stick), Simon Johnson-Hill, George Tennant, and Anil Shah.

Our thanks to Anil for the photo.

Calcot Park 2016

Not only did he organise a terrific day out but Anil Shah took photos of the day. See who was there, with smiles all round.

We should have dubbed it Captain's Day: Captain Mike won a 2-point cut with 34 points, former Captain Mike came second, winning a 1-point cut with 34 points, and former Captain Gordon came third and won no cuts with 34 points.

Winter Warmer
Winter Warmer 2016

A balmy 13 degrees greeted the 29 players at the Winter Warmer. Relive the moments when Captain Mike Mawtus awarded the 2016 trophies.

Anil & Tania 2017

On 29th July Society members joined other friends and family for the wedding of Anil and Tania Shah, celebrated in eastern and western style. Whom do you recognize in their finery?

"Thank you so much for your good wishes for Tania and my wedding. We received the BGS signed cards, with so many signatures, and we were both deeply touched.

I have been with the Society for 22 years and made lots of good friends over this time, and for you all to take the time to wish my wife and I happiness for the future, was a great testimony to you all and our Society."

El P 2017

At The Lambourne on 26th September contesting El Presidente's Bowl who do we find but El P himself. His rules were defined to encourage 'aggressive play'....not to be expected of IBMers surely?!

Here he is doing his best to appear agressive, if a little unsure which club to use.



Rosemary HeneghanRosemary Heneghan

Past and present BGS members joined family and friends to remember the life of Rosemary Heneghan.

(Click photo to enlarge). Left to right are: Alistair Simpson, Roger Harrington, John Webber, Gerry Young, Peter Barford, George Tennant, Pat Hardie, Rick Jones, Tom Heneghan, Shelley Harrington, Rona Barford, Terry Wall, Rita Wall, Iain Hardie, and Anil Shah.

Our thanks to Anil for the photo.

Many of us will recognise the varied facets of Rosemary's life in this poem by Steve Brookman, Tom and Rosemary's son-in-law: Rosemary - A Life Remembered. (8MB pdf)

Tony Ransley
Captain's Day 2018

Even with various lake and river hazards on the course, Captain Tony Ransley, clearly missing the automatic spraying from the previous event, decided to create his own water sports diversion much to the delight and amusement of his playing partners. (Click for the whole picture.)

Captain's Day 2019

Huge turnout, good course, weather ideal, company & banter spot on, food was really good, superb response for the charity. It was lovely to have 14 ex-BGS Captains attend Temple – showing the strength and depth of our membership. And an enormous £2,058 for Myeloma UK.

Captain's Day» Download Captain Peter's report.

Captain v President 2019

This year it was the turn of Captain Peter Norris to challenge our President in the annual Captain v President Challenge at Royal Winchester. Great to see former members in Anil's photos.