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On December 17th, 1987 Terry Wall went to the Basingstoke IBM Club committee meeting and talked them into (out of?) the first year subsidy of over £5,000 for 1988. He and Mike Houghton booked the first year's fixtures.

Our 20th birthday was marked by the West Hill event on 17th December 2007 - an event organised by Mike Houghton!


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In1988 Dave McCormick had just been given the task of creating the Application Software function: the next brave new future for IBM. He picks up the story:

One of its initial members was Terry Wall, who we never saw much of during the year. If I'd appreciated the contribution he was making to my real future - and those of many others post Big Blue - his appraisals would undoubtedly have been 'ONE-plus-extra-stars'.

Instead, the best I can do is congratulate him on creating something of lasting value that we all enjoy so much and which has stood the test of time far better than that business back in 1988 (which was, of course, disbanded two years later).

March 1988
North Hants


Terry Wall booked the first fixture for the new society - a 36 hole event at North Hants. By noon, horizontal rain had dissolved the cards along with the course, which had turned into a lake.

During one heavy downpour, Gerry Young was sheltering in a small wooden hut with a group who refused to come out. He still regrets his decision to continue playing...

Bryan Reid's abiding memory is an image of Mike Harris with rain dripping off his cap and onto his glasses - which needed windscreen wipers. Mike played on, despite not being able to see.

Drenched but not daunted, Dave Tulloch squelched around the sodden course in leaky shoes. He returned to his car to find it in a 4-inch deep lake where the car park had been. No matter, his feet were already wet...

Mike Houghton abandoned the afternoon round when his waterproofs couldn't take anymore. He remembers a steamy locker room as everyone tried to dry out. He also swore not to let Terry book anymore fixtures, so took the job on for the next five years! And as we know, the sun always shines on Mike's fixtures.

Terry officially abandoned the afternoon competition after 9 holes - just as the sun came out. This prompted complaints from the early starters for not abandoning sooner, and from the late starters that he had no authority to abandon at all.

Those who hung on for dinner were offered a second pork chop.



Soon after founding the society Terry Wall was strolling through Chichester and noticed a golf items shop. In the window was the biggest sand iron ever seen. This was in the days before big-headed drivers, though it still looks huge even today!

He had to have it, even though he couldn't imagine what to use it for. At its first outing a general discussion on the ambiguity of the "BigHead" phrase led him to donate it for use as a prize for (unconsciously) conceited comments or remarkable actions. Anyone who seems to be trying to win it is automatically excluded.

The perfect anecdote leaves the recipient wondering whether to be proud or ashamed!

Does anyone know who the first winner was - and why?

September 1988


Mike Houghton claims he hadn't played much golf during the preceding years, then with a handicap of 23 went out at Brockenhurst and scored 25 points on the front 9. Dave Tulloch, who was marking his card, had a hard time keeping score with all the 3's and 4's. He kept Mike calm though, helping him turn in a 45 point card and become the society's first bandit.

Captain Terry Wall rewarded Mike with a 3-stroke handicap cut on the day.


...and then there was the time Mike Houghton beat Terry Wall by one shot to win the Champion's Cup... [Is that why we include Runners Up in the Hall of Fame? ..ed.]